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How To Design Your Custom Bathroom Vanity or Cabinet

South Shore Custom Cabinets - How To Design Your Custom Bathroom Vanity or Cabinet

There are several considerations to make when it comes to bathroom remodels, especially if the project involves custom bathroom vanities.

​Making a list of all goals and a map of the work to be completed on the vanity will help make the design and building stages go smoothly.

Homeowners interested in building custom bathroom vanities or cabinets as a part of their bathroom renovation should collaborate with a seasoned custom cabinet contractor in order to produce a custom vanity that best fits the space.

Plan Your Layout

The size and layout must be determined before any other decisions can be made. The size of the vanity is usually relative to the dimensions of the room itself. 

L-shaped vanities and triangular-shaped vanities that fit into a corner can help you save space, while L-shaped vanities are typically smaller.

Another important aspect of custom-built bathroom vanities is storage space. 

The homeowner must then decide how much additional storage space is necessary to keep the bathroom organized. If there is insufficient space now, how much storage was required prior to keep the bathroom organized?

The average homeowner is often overwhelmed by too many options. Working with a contractor can help with this stage of the design phase.

Pick Your Materials

Choosing a bathroom vanity based on its material can have a drastic effect on its appearance and utility. Different materials require different maintenance, so homeowners need to choose carefully when it comes to selecting a bathroom vanity.

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Choose Your Countertop

Marble is a beautiful material but is not practical due to its susceptibility to scratching. Granite and quartz countertops are also viable materials for bathrooms. 

Quartz has increasingly become a popular choice because of its look of marble while being less vulnerable to nicks, scrapes, and other cosmetic damage.

Select The Right Sink 

There are many factors to consider before choosing a vanity design, including the number and location of sinks.

An extra sink reduces the counter space accessible to homeowners in the bathroom, so they have to compromise the convenience of the space.

Extra sinks take up valuable storage space, which can lead to reduced overall storage.

Get The Lighting Correct

Lighting is a vital aspect of any bathroom vanity. Some varieties of vanities have lighting built-in to the back of the mirror, but occasionally the lighting is above the mirror itself. Lighting comes in many shapes and forms as well. 

The use of pendant lighting can diffuse light around the vanity and is commonly found above the mirror. 

The backlighting around the mirror casts a soft, attractive glow on anyone or anything within its area.

Pick Your Technology

Contemporary bathroom vanities incorporate technology that helps keep homeowners connected with their world and charge their devices. 

A modern bathroom vanity can be equipped with built-in electrical outlets, Bluetooth capabilities, and a cellular charging station. 

The technology options available can benefit homeowners who want to use the bathroom, shower, or do their hair while connected.

Choosing a custom vanity for your bathroom can really tie the bathroom remodel together. However, you must be mindful of all the pros and cons of its design. Different choices will either enhance or limit your space. It’s usually a good idea to hire an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor who is experienced in building custom vanities, furniture and cabinets since they have seen it all before. They will help you chose what features you want that best maximize your space, while not compromising features and design.

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