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How To Choose the Best Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are common elements inside a home, a school, a bank, a church, and almost elsewhere. It’s more than just simply an aesthetic and a creative decoration in one’s house. Cabinets are also known to be the perfect storage spot for all our plastic containers, supplies of snacks, medicines, and much more.

With a variety of sizes to choose from, cabinets are suited for just about any need. Small ones are great for emergency tools and kits like medicines. They are also great for toiletries in the bath. Bigger cabinets, on the contrary, are made to be storage for antiques, for collections of bags, for displays, and other bigger items. Traditionally, a house cannot be called a home unless there is a cabinet for everything. One of the most popular types of cabinets is the wood type. Find out more below.

5 Wood Cabinet Materials


This is solid wood known as the hardest wood. Maple and Hickory are examples of this type which are resistant to denting and scratch. For those reasons, hardwood may be more expensive than others. However, a rich, modern look for kitchens may be acquired using the domestic hardwood called cherry wood. Hardwood is durable, but it also comes with a higher price tag.


A laminated, glued wood that has been overlaid with a hardwood veneer. It is also another solid wood that comes in different grades.

· Grade A – plywood that is a little cheaper than the others.

· Grade AA – a hardwood that is very hard. It is a little bit cheaper than Grade A.

· Grade BCD – lower grade with a lower-quality appearance.

· Economy plywood – lowest-grade and least expensive type of wood.


This type is the most cost-effective material for building cabinets. It is popularly known to be used for cabinets. Fiberboards have a smooth and strong surface but are not as strong as plywood.


The layer of wood that was taken from the trunk of a tree. The veneer is a type of hardwood that was peeled from a log. This is a very thin wood that is pressed or glued against particle board or fiberwood. It’s used to finish a cabinet and is lightweight.

Particle wood

Particle wood is a product that results from the pressing of two recycled woods into a sheet. It is inexpensive and not so durable, too. Particle wood is a material that’s very common in IKEA products.

How to Choose One

Cabinets are just one of those very important displays in a home for the purpose they serve. As a storage place, cabinets must be durable and strong to take on the demands of daily life. However, not all woods are capable of being made into a sturdy cabinet, such as fiber wood and particle wood.

When you choose the wood to use for your cabinets, remember to choose the best that will last for a long time. Your home as well as your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and all the rooms inside it are part of your investment. Make that investment worth it by being smart in choosing the materials.

Cheaper wood materials come with very low-quality, which you must avoid as well. Particleboards are vulnerable to moisture damage and sagging, making it one of the least durable materials to use for making cabinets.

We’re Your Best Choice

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