Different Types of Cabinets in Kitchen Design

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In a well-designed kitchen, the cabinets command attention by functioning as the focal point of the space while seamlessly blending aesthetics and practicality.

Whether they’re hugged against the floor as base cabinets, or towering tall to brush against the ceiling, they shape the kitchen’s character.

Choosing the right type – be it stock cabinetry gleaming with a wood veneer finish or custom pieces that boast unique dimensions and wood types – can make or break the kitchen’s

functionality. This is where the skilled and experienced team at South Shore Custom Cabinets can make all the difference in your kitchen remodeling project!

Key Takeaways

  • Base cabinets are crucial for storage and act as a foundation for countertops in kitchen design
  • Wall cabinets use vertical space efficiently, keeping essentials accessible and countertops clutter-free
  • Tall cabinets optimize storage for pantry items and appliances, keeping the kitchen tidy
  • Corner cabinets, when well-designed, can enhance storage capacity and functionality in the kitchen
  • Custom cabinets offer a personalized approach to kitchen storage and can be designed to fit specific needs and styles

I. Base Cabinets

Serving as the foundation for countertops, base cabinets guard your pans, pots, and sometimes even the kitchen sink. Here at South Shore Custom Cabinets, we offer the best cabinet options to meet all of your kitchen and pantry storage needs.

Choosing the ideal base cabinets means blending practical storage solutions with aesthetic charm. They are the workhorses of kitchen design, anchoring the room while offering ample storage. The right cabinet is out to make a home for everything from pots and pans to spices and dishes, keeping the kitchen clutter-free and efficient.

Sink base kitchen cabinet

Tips on How to Choose the Right Base Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Getting the right base cabinets begins with your kitchen’s layout. It’s a game of balancing dimensions with necessities, where picking a roomy sink base for the farmhouse sink or incorporating a two-drawer kitchen cabinet can drastically increase functionality without compromising on style.

Consider construction quality and material, such as durable plywood or engineered wood, as they’re against daily wear and tear. A proper base cabinet not only fits the space like a glove but can also handle the heat and humidity of kitchen affairs with longevity.

Different styles of base cabinets

  • Drawer base cabinets – known for their tiered compartments, ideal for categorizing utensils and gadgets. They slide out effortlessly, allowing for quick access and full view of their contents, proving that the days of digging around in dark corners are far behind.
  • Sink base cabinets – typically the stars of kitchen design. They often come equipped with false drawer fronts to maintain the cabinetry’s uniform look while seamlessly blending into the backdrop as they cradle the sink overhead. For those interested in further exploring this aspect of kitchen design, seeing examples of custom kitchen cabinets might offer additional insight and inspiration.

II. Wall cabinets

Open Shelving Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets are strategically suspended to make the most of efficiency and space. These cabinets make use of the vertical space in your kitchen, turning wasted space into prime storage real estate. And it does it all without encroaching on the usable space below.

While base cabinets are anchored firmly on the floor, their wall-mounted cousins lift your kitchen essentials up and out of the way. This higher storage helps to ensure everything from your finest china to your favorite spices and seasonings stay safe and easily accessible.

Considerations when selecting wall cabinets for your kitchen.

Picking the perfect wall cabinets is a bit like crafting a custom wardrobe for your kitchen – it’s all about fitting your personal style and everyday needs. Think about the cabinet height and how it will influence the room’s flow, ensuring they’re within comfortable reach yet offer enough clearance over countertops and appliances for practical use.

You also want to factor in the door style, whether you lean towards a traditional framed look or a sleeker full overlay. The choice can dramatically influence the kitchen’s aesthetic, whether you’re aiming for a minimalist vibe or a cozy farmhouse feel. It’s about selecting cabinets that not only store your items but also echo the personality of your home.

Different designs of wall cabinets

  • Glass-fronted wall cabinets – inject a dose of elegance and openness into a kitchen, allowing you to display your decorative dishes or neatly organized glassware. This feature invites the eye to wander and light to flow through. Doing so creates a sense of depth that can make the kitchen appear larger and more inviting.
  • Open shelving – throws the doors off the cabinets and breathes a relaxed, casual air into the room. It’s all about ease of access and showcasing your items with a touch of chic simplicity. Open cabinet shelves boost user-friendliness and laid-back style that complements modern kitchen lifestyle trends.

III. Tall Cabinets

Tall cabinets offer a vertical option for keeping pantry items or larger appliances out of sight yet organized. These are a very popular option here at South Shore Custom Cabinets.

Integrating tall cabinets requires a thoughtful approach that respects the kitchen’s unique configuration. Place them strategically to create a balance with other elements, sizing them proportionally to ensure that despite their height, they do not overpower the room. The ultimate goal is to enhance the existing layout and flow of the kitchen space.

Glass door tall cabinet

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Various Types of Tall Cabinets

  • Tall cabinets – come in a few distinct varieties, serving a range of purposes. Pantry cabinets are like walk-in closets for your food and small appliances, offering deep shelves to house all your goods. Everything from boxed goods and cans to cooking appliances and be stored easily thus simplifying meal prep and pantry organization.
  • Oven cabinets – another type of tall cabinet, specifically engineered to integrate appliances such as microwaves and ovens into the kitchen’s cabinetry. These cabinets often feature reinforced construction to support heavy appliances and can include additional storage space. This is perfect for all of your various cooking accessories.

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IV. Corner Cabinets

Corner spaces in kitchens often become awkward, underutilized, and can be challenging to access. Yet, when thoughtfully addressed, these corners can transform into valuable assets.

When it comes to kitchen design, corner spaces often present a unique set of challenges. The primary issue is accessibility; these areas are difficult to reach, making it hard to use their full storage potential without the risk of items getting lost in the back corner.

Tips for Optimizing Corner Cabinets for Storage and Accessibility

Reworking corner cabinets with smart storage solutions can make a world of difference in kitchen accessibility. Consider installing a lazy susan, which spins your pots and spices to the forefront with a simple turn, or outfit the space with magic corners that slide out, bringing hidden items into clear view. These changes can breathe new life into forgotten spaces, ensuring every nook is working for you.

Another game-changer for corner cabinets is the advent of pull-out shelves that operate like a miniature chest of drawers. This tweak enables you to spot what you need immediately, eliminating the frustration of rummaging through a dark cabinet. It’s all about making those hard-to-reach spaces as user-friendly as the rest of your kitchen, enhancing both storage and the joy of cooking in your thoughtfully designed space.

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Different Types of Corner Cabinets

  • The Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet – a tried-and-true solution that brings the back of your cabinet right to your fingertips with a simple spin. Ideal for storing a variety of kitchen essentials, this revolving cabinet ensures that every jar and box is easy to see and reach.
  • Blind Corner Cabinets – leverages pull-out mechanisms or swing-out units to maximize usable space. This clever configuration uses every inch of storage, making even the deepest recesses of the corner cabinet easy to navigate and preventing kitchen items from getting lost in the shadows.

V. Specialty Cabinets

kitchen spice rack

Specialty cabinets add both convenience and style to your cooking space. From built-in spice racks for the avid chef to appliance garages for gadget storage, these clever solutions transform overlooked corners into functional zones. Specialty cabinets, like those we offer here at South Shore Custom Cabinets, cater to unique needs, streamlining kitchen activities and making every task easier.

Whether it’s a tucked-away charging station or a concealed coffee bar, these cabinets offer innovation and daily convenience. With built-in cutting boards and custom wine racks, they reflect personal interests and lifestyle needs, turning cooking into an experience rather than a chore.

Examples of specialty cabinets

  • Spice rack – designed to be pulled out from a slim cabinet beside your stove. This innovative specialty cabinet keeps flavors at your fingertips, transforming seasoning from a cooking chore into a simple pleasure. This is an exemplary way to keep small jars from taking over more valuable space.
  • Appliance garage – a discreet cabinet that hides small appliances when not in use. Tucked away beneath the countertop, this custom cabinet creates a clean and clutter-free kitchen environment. This ensures that blenders and toasters are out of sight but always ready for action.

VI. Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets allow homeowners to imprint their personality and style onto the heart of their home. From unique dimensions that respect your space’s particular quirks, to one-of-a-kind finishes that reflect your taste, these cabinets are tailored to meet the homeowner’s desire.

Female Home Improvement Store Customer Examines Wooden Cabinets

Plus, they come with the added benefit of ensuring no space is wasted; every spoon and serving dish has a home custom-built to hold it. These cabinets go beyond mere storage – they’re about creating a kitchen that’s as unique as the people who cook, dine, and gather there.

Considerations When Opting for Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets involve more than just choosing wood and paint; it calls for a consideration of your budget and how the design meshes with your kitchen’s vibe. Balancing what you dream your kitchen to be with the reality of costs is key, as is ensuring your chosen style echoes the rest of your home’s theme. Here at South Shore Custom Cabinets we are all about helping you find the right look for your kitchen and pantry storage needs.

Tips for Working With a Designer

Working closely with a designer is the bridge between your cabinet fantasies and a kitchen that’s both breathtaking and practical. It’s crucial to communicate your daily habits and aesthetic leanings, trusting in their skill to draft a blueprint that meets your every kitchen whim. Our designer’s expertise can turn a cluster of ideas into a cohesive, well-functioning space that’s as good-looking as it is useful, making collaboration the secret recipe for custom cabinetry success.


Different types of cabinets are integral to kitchen design, with base cabinets providing foundational support and wall cabinets maximizing vertical storage space.

Tall cabinets efficiently utilize height for pantry goods or appliances, while innovative corner cabinets conquer challenging spaces with accessibility.

Specialty cabinets, like spice racks and appliance garages, cater to personalized culinary activities, enhancing convenience and functionality. Overall, the diverse range of cabinetry options supports a tailored, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen environment. Make the call today to South Shore Custom Cabinets and get started!