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Converting to Office Space

Creating Office Space and Storage

South Shore Custom Cabinets - Converting to Office Space

You have been thinking about that cluttered room as an office for months.  Most of us would choose a separate office over the dining room or bedroom. Creating a dedicated workspace in any room can be the next best thing when that’s not possible. For it to be as productive as possible, planning is required.  Considering the efficiency of working and keeping it attractive, there are many things to consider. 

Consider storage – Shelving and Built-Ins.

With all your files, stationery, and other work-related pieces, you need storage and convenience for productivity.  Shelving and built-in cabinets are a great addition to any room.  Maybe totally out of sight is a good idea as well.  At the end of the day, placing your computer and files in a closed cabinet may work better for the rest of the room.  Use your imagination and explore different ways to stay organized.
Perhaps choose a desk with drawers and a roll-top may work as well.  Remember not to contrast too heavily with the rest of the room to ensure unity.  Trestle tables look appealing and are good for wide spaces but don’t offer the same storage like most other desks.
Tying in colors with art and pillows placed around the room will help to unify the flow. It will also help provide soothing inspiration in your work environment. Basically the idea is to create a sense of efficiency and some organization and/or separation between the workspace and the rest of the room for your sanity!

Consider your focus level

Have an outward-facing desk and make your “view” appealing.  Also, there are other small things you can do to help to focus.  Removing all unrelated papers and knick-knacks and keeping only work-related items may help. Perhaps the use of a corkboard as an inspiration board too.

The chair is crucial. 

Back support and the correct height is important when sitting for a long period of time.  You’ll need to get a supportive and comfortable chair, there are many well-designed ergonomic variety.

If Breaking up a room – Separate the areas. 

It’s crucial to keep a distinction between work and relaxation areas. If you are sharing the room, keeping physical space between you and others is obviously a distraction.  Curtains and space dividers are great in this case.  Consider a portable custom shelf or barrier to separate as well.

South Shore Custom Cabinets - Converting to Office Space


There’s nothing more distracting and draining than working with poor lighting.  Optimal lighting is important for your eyes, productivity, and motivation. If there is a window, place your desk near it and make the best use of natural light half-open if there is a glare.
Creating the ideal workspace can be fun and functional.  By contacting a professional to discuss cabinets or shelving and little imagination, you will create that beautiful space and be excited to get to work in the morning.

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