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Does My Fireplace Need a Mantel?

Having a fireplace doesn’t simply heat up your home; it also gives your living area a significant style. It is often the fireplace that guests first notice when they walk into the living room. This is why many homeowners take advantage of their fireplace and decorate this area since it sets the tone of their entire living space. 

The question is, does your fireplace need a mantel? Absolutely, yes. Fireplace mantels are of standard features of the fireplace as they improve the area and help it become the focal point of a homeowner’s living area. Without a mantel above the fireplace, this area can be bare and dull. This is why putting decorations and personal belongings are ideal for many homeowners. 

What Are The Benefits of a Fireplace Mantel?

Standard fireplaces have mantels over the top, but not all fireplaces are built out with mantels. There are a good number of benefits that come with a fireplace mantel. Aside from being a symbol of luxury, we listed five more advantages that come with it that you don’t want to miss out on.

1. A Mantel Can Shield Your Fireplace

Practically speaking, one of the advantages of a fireplace mantel is that it protects your fireplace. Aside from the fact that they shield the flames and smoke of the fire, a fireplace mantel can be truly decorative as well. They are built to endure pressure and high heat, keeping your mantel painting and mirrors from cracks and splinters.

2. Fireplace Mantels Improve Your Home’s Appearance

Fireplace mantels significantly improve the aura of your room. There are tons of architectural styles; you can choose simple styles or something more complex. Different finishes will help you personalize your mantel, whether you like it stained or painted. You can also opt for natural tones of your desired material. 

3. Having A Fireplace Mantel Can Save You More Money

Having a fireplace mantel minimizes the heat in the fireplace. A mantel built from stone keeps the heat around the fireplace, meaning you may not need additional heat during the winter months. This will help you save a significant amount of money on utility bills. 

4. You Can Store Possessions On Your Fireplace Mantel

Another excellent feature of having a fireplace mantel is that you can maximize the space for your possessions, such as sculptures, frames, art pieces, and much more. In addition, there are many decorations to choose from for your fireplace mantel. 

5. Having a Fireplace Mantel Can Increase Your Home’s Market Value

Finally, having a fireplace mantel can increase your home’s market value. Historically, mantels were used to elegantly design a fireplace, mirroring the architecture of days gone by. They were basically used to incorporate styles from various periods. Homebuyers will surely enjoy the beauty of every mantel, its unique design and style. 

Let Our Experts Build Your Fireplace Today | South Shore Custom Cabinets

When installing a fireplace mantel, ensure that you use the exact floating mantel bracket. At South Shore Custom Cabinets, we build beautiful, functional fireplaces in the South Shore area. We listen to what you want and craft a beautiful mantel around your fireplace. Our team of builders works closely with our clients so that we meet their desired style, creative wishes, and specific needs. We only use high-quality materials, and we guarantee that the fireplace we build is precisely what our clients envision. To learn more about our fireplace installation services, call our friendly representatives here. We are looking forward to building you your beautiful fireplace that can indeed last for many years!

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