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Your home is special, so your furniture should be too. Our team at South Shore Custom Cabinets has a real passion for creating stunning pieces of furniture that fit your character and provide your home with truly unique features. The best part is that it will give your home a great sense of consistency in its design, keeping the flow of your home perfectly in touch. We create furniture pieces such as beds, tables, desks, and dressers so that you can decorate your home with your own unique style. We also offer architectural woodworking to complete the unique look your looking to achieve.  No matter if you are going for traditional, rustic, or modern pieces, we love working with them all.
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There’s not a lot that is better than a good sturdy timber bed. But the one thing that makes it something you will fall in love with is having it made as a custom piece, unique to you. Our team at South Shore Custom Cabinets create a range of different styles of beds. Whether you are looking for a murphy bed, classic stand-alone bed, or just a beautiful bed head, we would be more than happy to help. Crafting beds that our clients will fall in love with is something that excites us and drives us to achieve excellence every time.


Have you ever walked into a room and said, ‘wow, that is a stunning table’? If not, you’ve been missing out. But now, when working with us, you’re sure to hear it when people come to visit your home. Because that is exactly the kind of table that we will design and build for you. Something stunning that people can’t help but appreciate the beauty of. You might be surprised with the abilities we have to customize tables into something with its own character. We will help you select the right timber that will endure your lifestyle and stay the feature piece it was designed to be.


Whether you’re working, studying, or creating, it’s always best to do it in a relaxing room where you have the space and comfort that you need to focus. And the way our team can help with that is by crafting you a desk that matches all your functional requirements. We can do the design, construction, and staining to create you a desk that inspires and motivates you to tackle the task at hand with the touch of luxury you are used to within your home or office.


Whenever we create dressers or any piece of furniture for that matter, we always, without fail, create something that we are proud of. Having a dresser is one of those high-end bedroom accessories that allow you to get ready for your day in style. We will help you craft and paint or stain a dresser that you will love to get ready in front of each day. If you’re ready to have a unique piece to add to your room, it’s time to get in touch with the expert custom furniture makers at South Shore Custom Cabinets.