Residential Built-ins for Every Room

Your home is unique to you and your family, which means that your cabinetry should be fitted to your individual needs and style. And that is something that our team at South Shore Custom Cabinets love helping our fellow citizens with. Our team is known for our stunning designs and high-quality cabinetry installations. If you are looking for special cabinetry that can highlight and accentuate your home’s natural beauty, please get in contact with us. We are always excited to see how we can create beautiful solutions for your family. In addition to our high quality home cabinetry installations we also offer commercial cabinetry services.
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Living Rooms

The hub of the home is the living room. It is where long winter days are spent playing board games or just watching your favorite tv show as a family. No one wants their living room to be full of clutter, which is where our team comes in to save the day. We offer our residential clients custom built-ins to help tidy up the room and keep things off the floor. With a sleek floating design, or something to stand tall and strong in your living room, we have got the skills to design and build it for you.

Mud Rooms

No one likes to have shoes sprawled over the floor, ready to trip over when you’re carrying the groceries. Or to carry a dripping wet coat through the house. But luckily for the people of South Shore, we have a solution to the problem. We create custom built-ins that provide the perfect storage for all the shoes to sit tidily away while they dry and to keep the mud from being tracked through your home! We also create coat racks that match the design of your mudroom, so your coats can dry in style while you get back to your day.


Although a library isn’t for everyone, we find something truly magical about them. We could spend hours wandering around reading titles or curled up with our nose in a book. If you’re a book lover, you will understand how important it is to keep your books safe while also displaying them so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly. The grandeur a library can add to a home when the cabinetry is done right is unparalleled. We have completed many designs for our clients and have a long list of designs we would like to create for our clients one day. If you are looking for built-in library inspiration, please get in contact with us!

Outdoor Built-ins

Outdoor living is gaining more and more popularity as we are able to find more luxurious and functional ways of managing them. If you’ve got an outdoor patio and canopy, the next step is to add some built-in cabinetry. That way, you can keep everything you need within arms reach and not just sitting on your table cluttering up the place. We provide great storage and cabinetry solutions for outdoor areas, making outdoor living a breeze at any time of the year.