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Best Wood for a Bathroom Vanity

South Shore Custom Cabinets - Best Wood for a Bathroom Vanity

One of the most crucial aspects to consider when planning your bathroom remodel is the best wood for cabinets. Of course, you should also think about the size, the number of cabinets, and how to organize them, among many other things. But the material you choose is important to the project.

Wood is the material of choice for cabinetry. But there are so many different kinds of wood to choose from that even narrowing it down that much is not enough.

Which Wood is Best for a Bathroom Vanity?


Birch is a thin hardwood tree that grows in the northern hemisphere, including the United States, Canada, and Europe. It is popular for bathroom vanities. Birch has been used for centuries to make paper, medicines, and furniture.

Birch - South Shore Custom Cabinets

It is preferred by many contractors because of its small particles. Its edges adhere to the paint very well, giving you a beautiful stained finish.

Due to its resistance to warping, Birch is the best wooden bathroom vanity. This wood can easily withstand the humidity of the bathroom. Additionally, due to its abundance, Birch is now one of the least expensive hardwoods available.

However, there are drawbacks to Birch. Compared to many other hardwoods, the wood tends to scratch more easily. Additionally, staining without leaving a blotchy appearance is difficult. This is due to the uneven pores that birch wood typically has.

Nevertheless, Birch is a cost-effective option for a bathroom vanity.

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Due to its durability, beauty, and toughness, mahogany is a popular material for solid wood bathroom cabinets. Custom cabinets, furniture, cabinetry, sculpture, bathroom vanities, carving, interior trim, and other applications call for this highly sought-after wood.

Mahogany - South Shore Custom Cabinets

Mahogany is extremely resistant to water. Warping is not a problem with mahogany. As a result, it will not suffer significant damage even if you expose it to moisture and other harsh elements. The process of cleaning the wood is non-destructive and relatively straightforward.

It’s possible that you won’t be aware of how much steam gets into your wood vanity. However, keep in mind that steam ends up on your vanity every time you take a hot shower.

Based on your routines for personal hygiene, you may need a material that can withstand a lot of steam. Doors can be made out of mahogany. It is immune to insect infestations. Additionally, it is effective at preventing obnoxious noise or sounds. Therefore, your family won’t be bothered by excess noise if your door panels are made of mahogany.


Solid plywood is an engineered wood composite made by gluing multiple layers of wood veneer in different directions.

The solid wood veneers are made of real wood that has been peeled and layered thinly. Similar to medium-density fiberboard (MDF), solid plywood is an engineered wood composite.

Simply put, solid wood plywood is a blend of particle board and medium-density fiberboard.

Because they are the most long-lasting, these engineered materials are preferred by manufacturers of bathroom vanities. It is ideal for countertops with solid surfaces. Because plywood comes in such a variety of sizes, qualities, and densities, this option can be a little tricky. If you decide to use plywood, you should choose a plywood that is as sturdy as possible. For this reason, plywood with a high density is an excellent choice.

South Shore Custom Cabinets - Plywood

Plywood lacks the natural beauty of solid wood, but it does have some advantages. First, it doesn’t expand as much in humidity as solid wood does. Because of this, it is less likely to warp and cause problems when it expands. Plywood also tends to resist water damage better, which is obviously important in a bathroom.

Plywood is a low-cost option, so if you’re on a tight budget, this might be the best choice for your custom bathroom vanity.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is a material made from a variety of compressed woods. It’s another option for your bathroom cabinets. If it is treated properly, this material can resist moisture from humidity; however, it should not be exposed to excessive water, as this can cause it to warp.

Medium Density Fiberboard - South Shore Custom Cabinets

Even though it naturally isn’t as appealing as other woods, you can paint it the right color to match your bathroom because it takes paint very well. In addition, it is a very economical option, typically costing even less than using plywood. Additionally, MDF damage is extremely challenging to repair. It will be obvious if you have to repair MDF that has been damaged.

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Choose the right one. Call South Shore Custom Cabinets.

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The same options are available: Plywood, MDF, and solid wood at South Shore Custom Cabinets. However, keep in mind that the type of wood you use for exterior storage is not required for interior storage. Even if you have a birch wood interior, using MDF or plywood on the inside is often more cost-effective. Luckily, South Shore Custom Cabinets offer custom bathroom vanity in Quincy, MA and the nearby area. Get a free consultation to design your custom glide-out shelves and storage solutions for your bathroom cabinets instead of doing it yourself.

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