What is the Cost of a Custom Bathroom Vanity?

South Shore Custom Cabinets - Custom Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities in South Shore MA

Men and women are alike in one way; their vanity. Whenever one goes to the bathroom, it’s either because they really need to use it or just to check on their looks in the mirror. Upon glancing at yourself in the mirror, don’t you want to retouch your makeup or fix your hair? These are […]

The Differences Between a Handrail and A Guardrail

South Shore MA Custom Cabinets - The Differences Between a Handrail and A Guardrail

Railings may be something we take little notice of, but they are absolutely crucial. For some people, especially children and the elderly, climbing a flight of stairs without railings can be extremely difficult and dangerous. Railings are used in places that are higher than ground level, in addition to staircases. However, we commonly think of […]

Does My Fireplace Need a Mantel?

Does My Fireplace Need a Mantel - South Shore Custom Cabinets

Having a fireplace doesn’t simply heat up your home; it also gives your living area a significant style. It is often the fireplace that guests first notice when they walk into the living room. This is why many homeowners take advantage of their fireplace and decorate this area since it sets the tone of their […]

Tips For Hiring A Custom Cabinet Maker

South Shore Custom Cabinet - Tips For Hiring A Custom Cabinet Maker

Do you ever consider installing a custom cabinet in your kitchen or bathroom? Well, it might not be so simple. Your key considerations should be how it should look and how it should function for your needs. However, finding the right people to do this for you can be incredibly hard. You don’t want to […]

Are Custom Kitchen Cabinets Worth the Price?

South Shore Custom Cabinet - Are Custom Kitchen Cabinets Worth the Price

If you are considering a kitchen renovation, you surely know that the functionality and beauty of your renovated kitchen will largely depend on your choice of cabinets. It’s either your cabinets make or break your kitchen remodel. ​With kitchen cabinets, you can either choose stock, semi-custom, or custom-built cabinets. Stock cabinets, also called pre-fabricated cabinets, do […]

How To Design Your Custom Bathroom Vanity or Cabinet

South Shore Custom Cabinets - How To Design Your Custom Bathroom Vanity or Cabinet

There are several considerations to make when it comes to bathroom remodels, especially if the project involves custom bathroom vanities.​​Making a list of all goals and a map of the work to be completed on the vanity will help make the design and building stages go smoothly. Homeowners interested in building custom bathroom vanities or […]

Enhancing Your Home with Decorative Moldings

South Shore Custom Cabinet - Enhancing Your Home with Decorative Moldings

There is no denying the beauty of decorative moldings in a home. They can add a level of depth, charm, and character to any room in your home or office space. ​While decorative molding is nothing new, in recent years, it has become extremely popular. What Exactly Is Decorative Moldings? Decorative moldings are the trim you […]

Converting to Office Space

South Shore Custom Cabinets - Converting to Office Space 2

Creating Office Space and StorageYou have been thinking about that cluttered room as an office for months.  Most of us would choose a separate office over the dining room or bedroom. Creating a dedicated workspace in any room can be the next best thing when that’s not possible. For it to be as productive as possible, […]