4 Types of Decorative Molding for Your Home

South Shore Custom Cabinets, MA - 4 Types of Decorative Molding for Your Home

The first thing you might think of when you hear the word molding is either a formal living room or a fancy dining room, which likely has a classic style. However, wall molding has many other purposes beyond aesthetics. Aside from setting the style and tone of a room, they also protect the walls from […]

Does My Fireplace Need a Mantel?

Does My Fireplace Need a Mantel - South Shore Custom Cabinets

Having a fireplace doesn’t simply heat up your home; it also gives your living area a significant style. It is often the fireplace that guests first notice when they walk into the living room. This is why many homeowners take advantage of their fireplace and decorate this area since it sets the tone of their […]

Enhancing Your Home with Decorative Moldings

South Shore Custom Cabinet - Enhancing Your Home with Decorative Moldings

There is no denying the beauty of decorative moldings in a home. They can add a level of depth, charm, and character to any room in your home or office space. ​While decorative molding is nothing new, in recent years, it has become extremely popular. What Exactly Is Decorative Moldings? Decorative moldings are the trim you […]

Converting to Office Space

South Shore Custom Cabinets - Converting to Office Space 2

Creating Office Space and StorageYou have been thinking about that cluttered room as an office for months.  Most of us would choose a separate office over the dining room or bedroom. Creating a dedicated workspace in any room can be the next best thing when that’s not possible. For it to be as productive as possible, […]